LogPay offers you Apple Pay. A simple, secure and private payment method for your customers.

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High security

Apple Pay uses security features built into the hardware and software of your devices to ensure that your transactions are secure.

Fast checkout

Speed up the checkout process by having your customers approve payments with Touch ID or Face ID.

All in one place

Your customers can store boarding passes, tickets and bank cards in their Apple Pay Wallet.

With Apple Pay, LogPay provides an omnichannel payment method that your customers can use for easy, fast and secure payments. Speed up the purchase process and reduce transaction failure rates by enabling your customers to pay with fingerprint (Touch ID) or face recognition (Face ID) technology. Biometric authentication with Touch ID or Face ID saves customers having to repeatedly enter their credit card data and PIN, and protects them against misuse and fraud. Your customers can add their Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Maestro cards to their Apple Pay Wallet and conveniently use Apple Pay to make payments.

At a time when digitisation and networking have become indispensable, we are focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. We advise our customers, continuously optimise our internal processes and explore new technologies.

Apple Pay is designed with the security and privacy of your customers in mind and is an easier and more secure payment method than physical credit, debit and prepaid cards. In order to protect your customers’ credit card data, this data is replaced with tokens.

With its direct API integration, LogPay provides customers with a flexible connection to your apps or online shop.

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